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Where to Learn How to Code from Scratch for Amateurs

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Ever wanted to build a website of your own without having to hire a professional? Well, the internet nowadays is filled with lots of tutorials that could help you learn more about web development coding. It would be a good start to know which website offers specific courses that would help you enhance your skills. Some of them are the following:

1. Codeacademy

I personally started at Codeacademy to learn the basics like HTML and CSS. It’s a good website for starters who want to have the lessons at their own pace and time. Aside from the basic coding walkthroughs, Codeacademy also gives you projects to where you can apply your learnings and practice your new skills. Moreover, they also have tutorials on JavaScript, PHP, and many more if you want to take it a step higher.

2. W3Schools

From this site you can also learn the fundamentals of languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, SQL, etc. It is a web developers site that has resources and references about these web development languages. It has a straight-forward learning system as they use only simple explanations for codes, and then give illustrations on its application. It has an online editor where you can Try It Yourself and experiment with the codes.

3. Treehouse

For an affordable premium price monthly, Treehouse offers a lot of learning resources for web coding. It has a guiding system that “tracks” and teach you a specific programming language and it elevates from beginner to advanced. Every track has several courses and videos given by an instructor, as well as walkthroughs and quizzes to evaluate your learnings. They have a wide range of instructions and tutorials on how to build websites, develop iOS, or back-end languages.

4. Lynda

Another premium service is Lynda, which is a bit similar to Treehouse. However, this site does not offer structured tracks unlike the latter. Instead, with a monthly rate, you can get access to thousands of courses that range from beginners to advanced setup. Also, if you want to learn things outside web development, they also have photography, animation, music, film, etc. for you to add to your knowledge.

5. Udemy

In Udemy, every course has a price that will get you unlimited access to videos relating to that course. It is a platform where you get to choose the course that you want to take and it will depend on your instructor to teach you the lessons. Therefore, it is best if you research first the instructor’s background before enrolling into a course. Udemy features a huge range and varieties of web development topics that will help you code a full website and enhance your knowledge on other programming languages.

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